jonathan brown 

Drumroll, Please
Lou Crasher moved from Vancouver to Los Angeles to carve out a decent career as a journeyman drummer. He still is that working drummer but now add 'bona fide P.I.' to his resume. Alongside business partners Oliver and Xavier Lou's cleaning up Los Angeles one day at a time. 

Drumroll begins with Lou and the lads searching for Desiree Doppleganger's prize stud chihuahua. This should be a walk in the doggie park for the boys but if Lou Crasher's involved its bound to get complicated…and messy…and perhaps dangerous and boozy.

Lou takes on steroid goons, a crazy tough gal and her pyromaniac brother, a curious tarantula and a pillbox hat. It's never simple with Lou Crasher, of that you can be sure. 
"Agreed…now you stay there like a cute calico kitty drinking Cutty in a cuddly boa and I'll let myself out."

Lou Crasher Drumroll, Please