jonathan brown 

Lou Crasher moved to Los Angeles from Vancouver with the hopes of being a working drummer. He lands himself a '65 mustang, a crappy apartment and an under-the-table gig at a rehearsal studio. When Angela walks into his studio Lou's cool is set on tilt. He pursues said girl and why not, she's a real looker. 

When the rehearsal space is robbed Angela's gear is stolen. Fearless Lou Crasher volunteers to get it back. Lou's seen many an hour of Rockford Files and Magnum P.I. re-runs--he knows how to play P.I. right? Before he knows it Lou's in way over his head. He's up against armed robberies, ferocious attack jack russel terriers, seductive retired exotic dancers and more. If he slows his boozin' and eases back on the wise-cracks Lou might live to see another day.